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Franz (Francis) TIEDEKENAge: 39 years18271866

Franz (Francis) TIEDEKEN
Birth 1827
Birth of a daughter
April 6, 1861 (Age 34 years)

Death 1866 (Age 39 years)

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elder brother
2 years
elder brother
5 years
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Herbert James TIEDEKEN III wrote a family history for a school assignment. In the paper, he reports that Francis came to the US in 1848. Also, Herbert tells the following: Francis was a coachman and lived on Olive St near Broad. In 1857, He moved t o Lewis and Thompson Streets. In 1859, he founded Tiedeken Brothers Carriage Builders at 816 filbert with his brother Peter (I have found no record of Peter, this may be Diederch). The business moved to 726 Filbert St. in 1862, and Francis moved to 810 Morgan St. in 1863. Herbert reports that Francis died in 1866, and his wife, Mary, died in 1907 . Philadelphia Directory for 1861 lists Francis as working with carriages, and working at 816 Filbert. His residence is listed as 4 Fairman's Court. By 1870, a Marie L. is listed as the widow of Francis living at 918 Morgan. In 1890, she is listed as Mary L. and lived at 1924 Susquahanna Ave. By 1899, she moved to 671 N. 10th Street. She is not listed in the 1900 directory. There is a birth certificate for a female child born to Francis and Mary on April 6, 1861. There is no first name. The 1850 Census lists Francis as living with his brothers Diedrich and Henry. He was 23 years old and listed as a Wheelwright. The 1900 NJ Census Soundex lists a Mary L. TIEDEKEN living at 2126 Berks St in Phila. She is listed as the mother of Charles C. Gutthoff. My theory is that Mary first married Mr. Gutthoff, had a son named Charles, and then, her husband died or left. Mary later married Francis TIEDEKEN and had at least two children. PA Census 1900, Roll 522/523, Vol. 186, E.D. 819, Sheet 7, Line 12.